Top 5 Best Instagram Plugins For WordPress 2017

Adding your Instagram pictures to your WordPress blog via a plugin is actually the most SEO friendly thing to do. Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) may be damaged if you upload too many images onto your blog.

But, with a plugin that allows you to stream images from another website, you are able to lower the damaging effect of the images. In fact, if your website is already fairly lightweight, then adding the images from Instagram should have no negative effect on your SEO at all. Here are five plugins you can try.

Best Instagram Plugins For WordPress

Instagram Embed

This is a plugin that will allow you to embed your images into your WordPress blog. You put the URL of the Instagram image into the plugin and it will place the image on your blog in the dimensions that you require. This is good because you do not have to host the picture yourself, so you do not have to buy a lot more web space in order to upload all of your images. It is also good becauseyou can put a small image on the blog, which is easy to load, and then have people click on it and go to Instagram.

This means that you do not need to weigh down your blog with heavy photos. This is going to help the SEO of your blog, because loading times and images on blogs are a big problem.

Instagram for WordPress

The name of the plugin is a little bit “on the nose”. Basically it allows you to embed your pictures onto your WordPress blog. It allows you to use a short code that you put into the plugin. This will then create an image that it takes from yourInstagram profile. You can choose a number of options from large to small and then put them into your blog. You can add a link to your Instagram, or you can leave it as simply an image.

The image is actually streamed from the Instagram site, so you do not need towaste your own hosting space trying to fit it in. Essentially, this means that you can host all of your images from Instagram onto your blog, and never have to buy more web/server space to do it.


This is a great little plugin for a WordPress blog. You can display your own Instagram images or those of your friends. You do not need to use your own images at any point, which does mean you could use the images of strangers.However, some people may not like you doing this. You can add a feed going back to your Instagram profile and you can add tag words to make your images easier to find. You can also alter the way that your image appears on your blog too.

The tools that it offers are a little more advanced than most plugins for Instagram. It allows you to better optimize your images for your blog posts, and allows you to arrange them so that you can have a larger number on your blog without it looking silly or cramped.

WP Instagram Digest

This is a plugin that does not actually put a picture of a certain Instagram image. This will put up a gallery of your most recent posts on Instagram. In a way, it is agood way of advertising your Instagram profile and a great way of getting more people to visit it. The feed updates every time that you add new pictures, so that people who are looking at your blog’s older posts can still see your most recent Instagram additions.

It is very easy to install and you can put it on every page of your WordPress blog if you wish. The plugin will show three of your most recent posts on Instagram, and if you add just one new picture, then it will appear on your WordPress blog.

Instagram Widget For WordPress

This is another plugin that has been named by a very uncreative marketing company. This plugin will allow you to create a widget that has images in it. The widget ismore like a module or a panel. You are able to upload ten images into the gallery and then make comments on them. The fun thing is that you can add awidget to every page, and the images are so small that it should not make a massive difference to your WordPress SEO.


So, friends these are some best Instagram Plugins for wordpress. From web you will get many Instagram Plugins but according to us these are best Instagram Plugins.

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