Best SEO Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Greetings bloggers! nowadays I’m progressing to discuss concerning SEO tips and tricks for beginners.“Seo is like big brain of human”. So, the rationale takes you here is either you entrant (just started) or troubled for the way out.

Now the question is what precisely ought to do is or however I survive this blogging wave? Well before concealed resolution let’s determine what’s SEO mean exactly?

Search Engine improvement (SEO) may be a methodology for optimizing a blog/website look in to go looking engines (Ex: Google, Yahoo, Bing).

SEO tips and tricks for beginners

Leading to boost of your blog’s organic or direct traffic. SEO is classified into 2 followings:
1. On-Page Seo 
2. Off-Page Seo
Again 2 points additionally encompass several factors like keyword analysis and density, Meta description, image improvement, Plagiarism, Internal linking, broken link checker, custom mechanism.txt, Sitemap and page loading. Without any additional stir let’s dig deep within. Okay let’s kick starter 10+ SEO tips and tricks for beginners

Keyword research

Picked a subject for writing, great. Did you researched concerning the enough information like trend, bids, competition, quality and monthly searches. select showing wisdom the topics at intervals your niche and manufacture superb content for organic traffic.

Keyword Density

Google set the target for journalese/webmasters for keyword positioning in blog post to 3-5%. however most seo professional advocate third

Title improvement

Without title improvement your post was nothing. Post titles area unit terribly essential for search engines. each blogger ought to optimize their post titles before publish it. keep in mind your ought to write your post title between one to seventy characters.

Meta description

Meta may be a very important a part of seo and additionally for a web site. meta 2 varieties, one is meta description and another is meta keywords. we have a tendency to cant see these 2 meta in our web site. however crawl robots will see meta description and meta keywords. Whenever a crawl mechanism search your web site meta description and meta keywords tells concerning your journal description and your niches. therefore remember to feature meta in your web site.

Image improvement

Image optimization additionally plays an important role in on page seo. you wish to properly optimize your pictures with title and altitude attributes. really these attributes for robots. it tells the mechanism that the image you victimization in your post in joined or unlinked. therefore guys if progressing to use a image for post then optimize it before publication your content.


Permalink is journal post publication link. Input solely vital keywords. Let American state tell with Associate in Nursing example. Earn cash through blogging whereas sleeping.
Example wise you ought to use solely use main keywords (Underlined) and excess like for, and, at, from not.

Internal linking

Internal links accustomed improve user readability, visibility and to point out connected topics in a very post for sleek access. It’s additionally a very important part for SEO.
Example: Best seo tricks for beginners

Broken link

In my words “It’s style of link perpetually show 404 error once its clicked determined as broken link”. each blogger ought to watch out concerning broken links. It’s frustrating and impact computer programme ranking in to SEO.

XML Sitemap

Sitemap contain page and post of every blog/website. making sitemap is a very important half when begin for compartmentalization from Google webmaster

Page Loading

I’ve seen several blogs that use millions of widgets. As a result their journal become slower than different one’s. therefore if your journal this downside then take away unnecessary widgets. Then you’ll be able to see the have an effect on on your journal loading time. and that i counseled you to use light-weight widgets as a result of lightweight’s widgets ne’er have an effect on on your journal load time.

So friends without taking any more time here is the list for you:

  1. SEO Is not a days game, it may take weeks or even months for search engines to rank you correctly.
  2. Start Doing SEO for better results.
  3. Remember SEO has to be practiced regularly for a positive.
  4. Have a neat & clean design.
  5. Have a easy navigation and optimized 404 error page.
  6. Get lesser no of advertisements on your website.
  7. A decent outlook is what it takes to impress users.
  8. Write original and quality content to impress users and search engines.
  9. Write unique content and be consistent, being consistent helps search engines to crawl your blog on a regular basis.
  10. Blog with authority.
  11. Make sure title of website is under 70 characters, search engines will only take upto 70 characters.
  12. Blogs meta description is an obvious requirement for better rankings.
  13. Make sure H1,H2,H3 can be differentiated.
  14. Add  Unique description to each page
  15. Meta Keywords can too help for better results.
  16. Remember keywords are the main key for ranking better, thus use keywords in title, URL, description and maintain keyword density to 2-3%.
  17. Avoid keyword stuffing.
  18. Target one keyword per page.
  19. Target keywords in complete phrases maybe 2-3 words which will get traffic to your site, rather than targeting a single keyword.
  20. Try and use low competition keywords for better rankings.
  21. Don’t try to target tons of keywords but be sure to target few and relevant that bring most of the traffic to your blog.
  22. Write Seo Friendly Blog Post.
  23. Use long tail keywords, they can bring loads of traffic.
  24. Having a Robots.txt file is a must.
  25. Build a sitemap and submit it to webmasters.
  26. Add a Favicon to your blog.
  27. Try to optimize your site for best, quick loading time, loading time has become an important factor is Search engine rankings isn’t it??
  28. Make sure your website is having a code to text ratio of greater than 25%.
  29. Optimize your website for mobile devices.
  30. Name your images Descriptively.
  31. Make sure all your images are having a alt-tag
  32. Calculate You image dimensions and product angles.
  33. All Images are compressed, this will boost your page loading time.
  34. Reduce size of Images.
  35. Workout thumbnails, they can increase page loading time heavily.
  36. Use Image Site-maps, Google Image site-maps will help you.
  37. Submit your sites to popular search engines like Google, yahoo and Bing.
  38. Slowly and Manually build links to your website.
  39. Do not use any link building software or any kind to robots.
  40. Get links from high PR sites.
  41. Get links from trusted sources.
  42. Get link exchange from relevant sources.
  43. Get links from fellow bloggers of the same niche as yours.
  44. Blog commenting can help building links, knowledge and exposure.
  45. Get links from relevant sources.
  46. Guest posting can help building links to sites.
  47. Link out to other relevant sites
  48. Make all outgoing links nofollow.
  49. Do not buy links, getting a paid link on a site outsourcing loads of links can get your site penalized by Google even though you are paying for them.
  50. Make sure you are interlinking your articles.
  51. Links from .edu & .gov sites can help you boost your rankings.
  52. Make sure you collect links from social networking sites such as Reddit, Google+ ,Facebook and the rest.
  53. Follow great and successful bloggers and link to them, ask them if they could review your site or provide a link back.
  54. Get your link removed from spammy sources.
  55. Check for broken links and remove them.
  56. Don’t link out to spammy websites.
  57. Write “Top” and “101″ post.
  58. Long written post rank better than shorter ones.
  59. Provide your customers with giveaways and in exchange ask them to share, re-tweet or a link.
  60. Give a eye-catchy title to all your post.
  61. Provide unique description to each page of your website.
  62. Make Sure URL is optimized properly, it should contain only keywords.
  63. Start your title with a keyword
  64. Engage your readers with videos,graphics and photos.
  65. Create Infographics to create more readership and traffic.
  66. Conduct a press release and promote it.
  67. Always target keywords with higher searches.
  68. Create a Facebook fan page and build your audience, remember to post interesting content to get traffic to your blog.
  69. If you have a photo site do pin all the photos on a pinterest.
  70. Do submit your content to StumbleUpon which will help in fast indexing and getting instant traffic.
  71. Submitting your content to Reddit, they according to me are the best in business. If you have quality content you will get good traffic to your blog post. But remember to follow reddiquette else you will be banned.
  72. Sites like Digg can provide you with loads of traffic if you have quality content and can get yourself to the main page.
  73. Video market your blog post and website not only for traffic and sale but it too will boost your rankings in search engines.
  74. Place sharing buttons on your website.
  75. Setting a Google+ will help you rank better.
  76. If you don’t know by search engines and rankings do hire a search engine optimization consultant.
  77. As relevant people online about SEO and rankings, do note down their experiences and try them out maybe they may work for you also.
  78. If some of your efforts implemented not work for you, don’t get disappointed and try other things, everything may not work for you.
  79. Be updated with SEO news, subscribe to SEO specialist and as them your queries and doubts.
  80. Make sure your site is up and working, people tend not to visit sites which are often down.
  81. Remember the more the content the better your rankings will be.
  82. Check for copied content, remove if any.
  83. Make sure your site code is neat and clean, this has improved rankings of many of my fellow bloggers.
  84. Don’t prepare yourself for panda or penguin update rather concentrate on building up quality content.
  85. If possible submit your blog to yahoo directory, expensive but worthy it is.
  86. Don’t link to link farms.
  87. Post evergreen content.
  88. Use #(Hash-tags wherever possible)
  89. Make use of sites such as ahrefs and majestic seo to know your links status.
  90. Use Google keyword tool for keyword research and traffic estimates.
  91. Register your domain for as long as possible.
  92. Sign up for webmaster and know where you stand and where you can improve.
  93. Use Google analytics to know your correct stats and your growth.
  94. Don’t create flash pages.
  95. Advertise on blogs or with various advertising companies.
  96. Advertising with Google adwords or Facebook ads too boost your product or service sale.
  97. Purchase SEO book if you want, they claim to reveal secrets, check what they can offer to you and your site.
  98. Don’t waste your time trying black-hat SEO techniques, they may work for small periods but not in longer run.
  99. Mix up great work and SEO tips together for success.
  100. Don’t Overdo SEO
  101. Last but not the least, blog by heart, be true to yourself and the readers, things will start working.

So friends, hope these tricks and tips will surely help you to increase your search engine rankings and will boost your traffic. If you would like to add something do drop a comment below. Thanks for reading this post, if you liked my blog post please share it.

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