Top Reasons to Jailbreak your iPhone

Jailbreaking is installing a software on a computer which is transferred to your phone, which enables in breaking the limitations installed in your iPhone by your mobile carriers and manufacturer Apple. It helps in installing third party applications on the iPhone which are not authorized by the Apple App Store. On the other hand unlocking your phone allows you to use other mobile carrier’s sim-card. Hence by unlocking your iPhone your are no longer bound to your official carrier from whom the phone was purchased and which was approved by Apple. I would like to explain in detail five reasons why an iPhone needs Jailbreak even though Apple has introduced their AppStore.

Helps you install 3rd party applications via Cydia, which are banned in the AppStore

Though Apple introduced an AppStore from iPhone 2.0, there are several cool, fun and exciting apps which Apple bans from hitting the AppStore due to violation of their rules and regulations. This is exactly where Cydia and Installer helps in downloading the exciting 3rd party applications banned in the AppStore. Few really cool apps which can be found in Cydia are,

  • iAccess: Grants access to use all Chinese input methods.
  • MxTube: Helps in downloading a YouTube video and saving it in your iPhone
  • Cycorder: Allows you to record videos with your iPhone
  • NemusSync: Allows you to sync Google Calendar with iPhone’s calendar
  • Mame4iPhone: Helps you play arcade games in your iPhone
  • iPhoneModem: Helps you convert an iPhone into a modem and provide internet to your laptop.

Enable recording of a Video

The main aspect which iPhone lacks is the ability to record videos, which can be overcome quite easily with jailbreak iPhone. The camera of an iPhone can be converted to a video camera by using 3rd party applications like iPhone Video Recorder or Cycorder.

Customizing look and feel of iPhone

The standard look and feel with iPhone’s icons may get bored after a while. You are stuck to use the same layout without any option of customization. With a Jailbroken iPhone, Winter board can be used to customize and use different themes based on your mood.

Take complete control over your iPhone

The option of taking control over the iPhone may sound weird, but for geeks and techies it is something basic. The inner core of an iPhone OS is nothing but a trimmed down version of Mac OS X which is built on UNIX core. Taking control over the phone means, you can install some basic UNIX applications like Apache web server in your iPhone. Lightweight versions of HTTP servers can also be installed in the iPhone, and by installing SSH daemon one can connect to an iPhone remotely and upload or download files, how cool is that.

Advantages of Jailbreaking an iPhone

The main reason for jailbreaking an iPhone is to enable a user to unlock his phone and use his phone with any other carrier apart from the one he/she had purchased it from. It also helps in installing many third party apps (not available in the app store) and customizes the look and feel, and use customized ringtones too.

Disadvantages of Jailbreaking an iPhone

Disadvantages of Jailbreaking an iPhone

As soon as an iPhone has been jailbroken, the warranty offered by the mobile phone carrier and the manufacturer Apple has been void. Which means any other problems that you encounter in future will not be handled by Apple. Moreover the softwares used to jailbreak the iPhone are not authorized and can also lead to damaging your phone completely; there are also chances that you might end up using your iPhone as an expensive paperweight.

What is that exciting to Jailbreak with so many Disadvantages?

Come on, who doesn’t want to experience the really cool apps which are not available in the App store. There are so many apps which are unauthorized, which are really cool, funny and useful, though there are few of these apps available in the App store, Experiencing these unauthorized apps is really exciting.

Is it possible to Fix an iPhone if it collapses?

Cannot be assured. Few iPhone users have said that they could connect to the iTunes with their malfunctioning phone and reset it to its original settings. However, not every iPhone user has experienced the same, and it’s obvious you cannot reply on your mobile carrier or Apple to restore your malfunctioning iPhone.

Hope this post gave you a clear picture, what jailbreaking is and figure out if you really need to jailbreak your phone or not.

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